Monday, September 26, 2011

What I have been up to this summer.

    Welcome back to my little corner! Thanks for coming back to my special place and seeing what I have been busy creating over the summer. I created some tags, cuts, and cards. Nothing like creating to help the summer go by so fast.  I hope that what I have created will help inspire you to make your own creations


Friday, September 16, 2011

Plastic bag fall mini album

Hello and welcome back to my little corner. If you came from then you are in the right place. If you want to start a the beginning of the hop then you would go to  .So you are here for Tanya Scrappy Scavenger upcycle blog hop. I am pleased to be part of this wonderful group of talented ladies in this hop. For this hop, we are suppose to create a project that uses something you would recycle, or throw away, and make it a beautiful project. I took a plastic grocery bag and created and album from it. Her is how I did it.....

Start with a flat plastic bag, then you fold the plastic bag to make it flat and create a square shape. Once the plastic bag is folded, then you would get your iron out. Set your iron on a hot setting(cotton is what I used) then placing a piece of paper over the folded up plastic bag you would iron it. Don't over iron it because the plastic bag could stick to the paper.

When the plastic bags are melted together in a square shape they are just stable as chipboard. After you make five or six flat bags, then you can cover them with cardstock or themed paper.

In Creating my album I decided to go with a fall theme. Here is the album I came up with...

I hope that this project gets you think outside of the box. You go and find something that you might have thrown away and create a beautiful project from it. I think that is why I was excited about finding this idea. I took a use less plastic bag and created a beautiful fall album from it. Thanks for joining me. Now you would move onto the next blog .See you again when I come up with something new in my corner.