Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scrappy Scavenger Heart Charm Swap

Welcome back to my little corner. I found my groove and ready to show you what I have been up to lately.  I decided to challenge myself and start doing some swaps. Through my sister I have found two wonderful groups I can swap with. Through these groups I have gone out of my comfort zone and created beautiful projects. The project above is my charm that I made for the Feburary swap for Scrappy Scavenger Swap group.

What I used:
Cricut Cart Love Struck
cereal boxes
red, green, black and white cardstock
utee/ heating pot
clear stickles
silver acrilic paint
Clear Lacquer
wire cutters
wire round pliers

How I created this charm.....
             I used Love Struck cartidge to cut the rose @ 2 inches, lips @ 1 inch, wings @ 6 iches, and love sign @ 2 inches. For the cut heart I used George and Basic Shapes. I cut the open heart three times at 3 inches out of cereal boxes and then cut one heart at 3 inches. To cut cereal boxes I had to use the deep blade for the cricut. I find that if you tape the sides of the cardboard down it tends to not move and it cuts clean.
               I then painted the open hearts silver. I layered each heart taped them together. I used red cardstock to cover the bottom heart.  For the rose to have the layered effect I glued the open rose to the shadow rose. I then cut a green rose to cut the bottom for the stem.  I layered  lips with the top layer out of red cardstock and bottom black. I put clear lacquer on the top of the rose and lips. It gave a more realistic look.  I used stickles on the word love. For the wings I heated up utee in a Ranger heating pot. I diped the wings in the utee to get that effect. For the top of the charm I used heart and pearl beads and put them on some wire. I attched a jump ring on top and on the bottom. I attached the heart charm to the bottom jump ring and lobster claw to the top one. Presto my charm is completed. After creating this charm  I want to create more. I hope that my project gave you some insipration to create your own charms.

Thanks for coming to my corner and visiting. See you again soon.



  1. And I am so shocked that you didn't make one of these fabulous charms for all of us that were in the swap. Really Jennifer, this is an amazing charm and you should be so proud of yourself, way to go girl!

    Hugs, Zelia

  2. I think this charm would be amazing on the spine of a Mini Album!!! I adore the Inde Art-ness! You did an Awesome job!

  3. I have this charm yay me :) and its going on a paper bag album that I made up here recently and I will share it with you soon. I can't wait to show you its beautiful .. Thanks for sharing and being my swap sister

  4. So sweet Jennifer.
    I appreciate the advice on the cereal boxes, as I am planning on that. I can see that it might need extra help to stay put. You put a lot of work into your charms!